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Money Spinning Speed Cameras in France France collects many millions of euros via speed camera fines.

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Money Spinning Speed Cameras in France

August 10, 2012 at 12:12 PM


Depending on your point of view, the best or worst speed camera in France is located on the A41 between Annecy and Geneva. This camera flashes on average over 500 cars and vans per day and nearly doubles that at this time of year.

The number of speeding fines issued nationally in France was in excess of 13 million in 2011 which was over a million more than in 2010. What’s even worse is that the figures for 2012 will easily smash that previous record. France has started using average speed cameras on long stretches of busy road throughout the regions.

The previous biggest revenue earner was the one in Maxéville (54) on the A3 but on the A41 between Annecy and Geneva near Saint-Julien-en-Genevois is the new champion.

It flashes on average 500+ vehicles per day. The fixed penalty for speeding is around 135 euros; this means that this one camera will earn about 25 million euros throughout 2012.

Some other very lucrative cameras are situated on the A7 between Lyon and Marseille which catch over 350 per day.

Also if you are driving through Paris be careful of cameras on the traffic lights, they have increased revenue by over 75% so far in 2012. One of the most prolific “earners” is located at the junction of Wharf Gesvres and the Rue Saint-Martin in Paris. This camera gets over 100 motorists a day and generates in excess of 5 million euros a year in fines.

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