Driving In France

Order Dispatch and Delivery Service Guidelines.

Let me say right away if you are leaving for France in the next 48-72 hours please DO NOT order anything from us.

What Normally Happens With Our Service

Under normal circumstances if people order on a normal working day prior to 12.00 noon then we usually dispatch it the same day. That order will very often arrive the next day or the day after; however I stress the fact that we make “NO PROMISES” on dispatch or delivery.

If you are not leaving for three weeks then your order will almost certainly arrive within 3 days, but if you are leaving for the continent either tomorrow or the following day then it is Murphy’s law that the day you place an order we will have several staff off sick or be flooded with orders (June, July and August sees over six or seven hundred items ordered per day and Friday night through to Monday morning can be over 3,000  orders).

Even if we do despatch it the same day, which is our aim, then we are in the hands of our couriers. 99/100 everything goes fine but there is always the odd order that goes astray. If you have ordered a “Full Kit” it is too heavy for Royal Mail to deal with efficiently so we do use overnight couriers but we do not guarantee “next day” delivery, even though it normally does arrive the next working day after they take it from us.

Generally if you don’t get your parcel the next day it is because no one was in when the driver called. They are instructed NOT to leave the parcel anywhere un-signed for so if you know you will be out give us an alternative address for delivery in the notes section when you pay for the order.

We used to use Royal Mails “Guaranteed Next Day” service but we stopped it as it was slower than our normal method of delivery most of the time and costs twice as much.

We only use Royal Mail now for small lighter items that can go through the normal post, such as “Headlamp Converters” as they fit into a standard envelope.

We use the Alternative Parcels Company as our couriers as they have 120 depots UK wide and normally provide us with an excellent service.

What happens if it does not arrive?

When we receive the order, you will get an email response within 24 hours thanking you for the order and there will be a contact telephone number you can use if the parcel has not arrived within 3 days. If you do not receive an email from us (admin @ drivinginfrance.org) it may be in your spam folder or blocked completely by your email provider. (AOL and some other email companies do not seem to like our automated emails) 

Our experience tells us that if your order has not arrived within 3 working days then something has gone wrong, so there is no point waiting, ring or email us straight away on day three.

The couriers use an excellent tracking system so although it takes time for us to get the information from them they will generally know exactly where your parcel is.

Two Main Types of Customers

Over the years I have been able to categorise our customers in to two main groups. There are those who order in plenty of time, some even 12 weeks before they go, but usually 7-10 days before departure is the norm, and then there are the others.

The others are the cross I have to bear, the ones who order at midnight and ring me at 8.00 am to ask when it will arrive as "my ferry leaves at lunchtime".

I stress if you are leaving for France in the next 48-72 hours please DO NOT place an order through us, it really is not worth the worry.

Your best bet is to pop up to Halfords and pay their prices (it serves you right for not thinking of it sooner) or why not play a game of “Ferry Roulette”?

Ferry Roulette is always exciting and goes like this.

Do not take any of the legal or safety requirements that you must carry in your vehicle (the total on-the-spot fines add up to about 350 Euros) and wait till 10 minutes before you disembark the ferry. Then visit the ferries overpriced shop and see if they have the items you need in stock. Good luck with that.


Normally our dispatch and delivery service is really excellent, and let’s not forget it’s FREE of charge if you live in the UK.

However we make no guarantees so please order at least 7-10 days in advance to be safe.