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France Breathalysers The Chaos Continues One year on and it's still a shambles. French Government considers breathalyser U-turn.

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France Breathalysers The Chaos Continues

October 10, 2012 at 11:51 AM

The French government is considering a breathalyzer u-turn.


At last the French government have finally realised that not everybody has been able to source a disposable breathalyser kit in time for the second deadline of 1st November (It was originally July) so they have agreed to give drivers more time.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls has had to give in (again) and push the date back to March 1st 2013 before fines will be imposed for not carrying a breathalyser in your car or truck.

It was never going to work as they have to be NF approved, British ones are no good, and there are only 2 factories in France that make them. I've been banging on about supply and demand issues since May this year, read here and also about the corruption in the fact that only 2 companies are approved to make them read here.

The breath tests cost about 3 euros (When you can get them in France) but supply is so short in the UK that that they have been sold for as much as £20 each on e-Bay. Totally ridiculous when you consider the fines are only 11 euros and they are not even being enforced yet.

We ourselves have been forced throughout the summer of 2012 to sell a twin pack for around £9 as we have been held to ransom by the suppliers. I’ve had many conversations with customers trying to persuade them NOT to buy them as they were not needed in July August of this year but us Brits are such a law abiding lot that we want to abide by laws before they even come into force!

Portugal has already raised questions in the EU parliament about whether France has the right to ask visitors to it's country to carry them. See here

You have to have a twin pack by the way, as if you use one you can still show the police the second one.

Current president François Hollande questioned whether it’s even a worthwhile law in the first place.

The fact is the new French government is considering whether to drop the measure altogether.

In France though 30% of deaths on the road are when alcohol is involved, whereas the figure is only 17% in the UK.

We supply a breathalyser twin pack as part of our all in one travel kit, see here for details.

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