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Toll Roads in France, let's get our own back. We pay huge amounts in Toll Fees while driving in France lets start charging the French!

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Toll Roads in France, let's get our own back.

September 18, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Should French drivers be charged on UK roads?


If you work out the cost of toll roads throughout France especially if you are driving through France to the Alps it’s not cheap. It’s approx. £75 in tolls fees to get to the big ski destinations.

The Swiss charge an annual motorway pass of nearly £30 regardless of how little you use it.

Yet here in the UK there are relatively few toll roads and it is possible to avoid them with a little planning or a decent sat nav.

Shortly Lorries from abroad will have to start paying £1,000 per annum to use roads in the UK so why not ask the car drivers to pay a small additional charge on top of the ferry or tunnel fee.

Personally I’m not in favour of raising taxes generally but we pay an awful lot of money to drive around the Alps, maybe it’s time we got our own back!

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