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Need a clean international driving license in France? Points on your license, be careful trying to get them removed.

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Need a clean international driving license in France?

July 24, 2012 at 1:49 PM

Would you pay for a Clean Driving Licence?


For some time now it has been standard practise for people in France to avoid losing their driving licence by getting someone else to take the hit on the penalty points for things like speeding.

France has a different way of doing things to us (Don’t they always?) as each French driving license starts with 12 points and they get removed each time you get caught for a motoring offence such as speeding. When you have no points left you have no license left, simples!

There are websites in France which have adverts from buyers and sellers of licence points so if you have been caught in a speed trap but the camera cannot identify the driver it has always been possible to get someone else to take the points “hit”. You then pay them an agreed amount of money and pay the fine for them.

Students who cannot afford a car or French people who are moving abroad and therefore will not be needing their French drivers licence are all too happy to sell their points at around €400 each.

So 10 points, €4,000 is quite a lot of money for an impoverished student but very little money to a big fat cat businessman in his Porsche.

Things are about to get a little more difficult though as the French police have for the first time started trying to clamp down on this practise. It’s never been legal to do this, just ask Chris Huhne, but the French police until now have never done anything about it.

So far they have charged 4 people living in Val-de-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis. The maximum sentence is a year in jail and a fine of up to €30,000 though they have yet to go to trial over the offence.

There is one such points selling website called www.vente-points-permis.com where people advertise their points “for sale”. So this may find it difficult to get advertisers from now on if the police are now monitoring the activity of the site.

I have been onto the website this morning though and there are still adverts on it. My French is terrible but with a little help from a translator here are a couple of ads on their today.

Ad 1

I have all my points allowed and want to sell at once the most points (not to contact me for one or two points thank you).

I have a motorcycle license A and license B self.

I can even attend court for you for the right price.

I can be your perfect alibi, intelligent and articulate.

Only serious buyers need apply, I want to know what you need and how much you are willing to pay for it!

Email supplied though I’ve not reproduced it here!


 Ad 2

SELLING POINTS ALLOWED MOTO FRANCE, all cubic MOTORCYCLE LICENSE FRANCE SWITZERLAND BELGIUM LUXEMBOURG I have a motorcycle license cyclindrées all that is most useful to me and I sell you all my points in one go for safety. Make me an offer to buy my points and I will answer personally. Keep your license. Regards.


Ad 3

I do not drive anymore and I sell my points driving license B. I do not pay the fine and accept only misdemeanour offenses (not crossing the court). I sell them individually at 400 euros or in groups of 3 to 1,000 euros for 3. You can contact me by mail to: xx@gmail.com by entering your phone number and your request.


Ad 4


Hello, I sell my license points because I'm leaving for two years studying abroad. I have allowed 12 points of B. I agree to all the petty crime without criminal prosecution, in the discretion. € 200 per point discount if you buy them all.


Driving Licence Rules for France 

If you are going to live in France for a long time then you can drive on your UK license for at least a year, and even longer if you get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). You will need to get the IDP before you leave the UK though as you will not be allowed to apply for it in France.

If you are resident and commit a driving offence you will have to get a French licence so they can start taking the points off it.

When a driving fine is logged against you, you will get a notification from the “prefecture” telling you the amount of penalty points lost and how many you have left.

After 3 years the points go back on again You will have to pass a driving test to get your license back if you lose it.

It is possible to legally get some points back by taking the French equivalent of our “Speed Awareness Course”

You can contact the Ministère de l’Équipement, des Transports et du Logement, Arche de la Défense, 92055 La Défense for more info regarding French driving licenses.

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