Driving In France

Driving in France Legal Requirements


When you drive in any European Country you will need to abide by the motoring laws of whichever country you are in and that means carrying the necessary driving safety equipment such as warning triangles etc. So make sure you have all the items on the list below to stay safe and legal. 

All the Items You Should Take 

"1. Passport, 2. Driving Licence, 3. Insurance Documents, 4. Vehicle Registration Documents & M.O.T. Certificate, 5. Breathalysers, 6. Spare Bulbs and Fuses Kit, 7. GB Sticker for the car or van, 8. Hi Viz Vest or Hi Viz Jacket, 9. Warning Triangle, 10. Headlight Beam Adapters."

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More Legal Stuff to Note.

It is illegal to use your mobile phone whilst driving and the roadside fine is 130 Euros, if you do not have the money they will escort you to the nearest cash pointy machine. French drivers have 3 points added to their licences as well but they do not normally do this to UK drivers.

Beware of using a UK Satellite Navigation System on French roads as our Sat Navs alert you to where the speed cameras are but that is against the law in France.  It has always been known that special Radar Speed Camera Detectors are illegal but even an ordinary GPS in your car can get you a huge fine of as much as 1,500 Euros. This also carries a penalty of 6 points on your licence.

As in the UK everyone must either be in a child seat or be wearing the seat belt and under 10’s must not be allowed to sit in the front seats. Speed limits in France are lowered automatically if it is raining so make a note of that fact so you do not get a speeding ticket.

On the motorway it’s 130kph, but only 110kph if it’s raining, and through the town the speed limit is 50kph. One thing you need to be sure of is that you do not exceed the speed limits by 50kph as that’s an instant driving ban if caught.

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