Driving In France

French Toll Roads

If you do a lot of motorway driving while you are in France then you will come across lots of motorway tolls. These can be a pain especially if you don't have plenty of change handy. A lot of the barriers are not manned so having change is a must.

Another option is to have an automated payment card which you can get through Sanef Tolling. Sanef are the motorway operators in France. It is possible to get a "telepeage tag" this enables you to drive through the barriers without having to get change out of your pocket or handbag each time. 

This is a big help because the toll booths are designed for left hand drive cars and it's difficult to negotiate them if you do not have a front seat passenger to help out!  As you approach the automatic barrier the tag sends out a signal and the barrier will raise for you. Your toll payment is then just charged to your account.

With one of these tags it is possible to drive through the toll's at about 30mph which is much less annoying than having to stop and try and lean out of the passenger window to pay.

It will mean you will lose much less time queing everytime you get to a toll station.

Price Increases This Summer.

As much as we would like to hold our prices throughout the summer of 2014 we sadly have no option but to increase the prices of our "All in One" Euro Travel Kit from May onwards. With delivery costs adversely affected by rising fuel prices we will be unable to hold at the current £32.95 any longer.

Either buy a one off complete kit, this will save you money and makes things so much easier. Alternatively you can buy the items individually. This may be the best option if you already have some of the items.

Individual Items: Click Here

The Full Euro Travel Kit Has All These Compulsory Items.

Bretahalyser Kit.
EU Approved Warning Triangle.
High Vis Florescent Waistcoat (Large, EN 471 Approved)
Universal Spare Bulbs & Fuses Kit (suitable for any car or van)
GB Sticker

The kit is normally sent out the day you order it, if  ordered prior to 12.00 noon M-F. (See here for full dispatch/delivery details)


What You Will Need If Stopped By Police.

Passport and Driving Licence, are fairly obvious but an awful lot of people who drive in Europe forget that they may need MOT's, log books and insurance documents as well. Heaven forbid you are in an accident but you really will need to show these to the police if you are. In any event if the police stop you for any reason they will almost certainly ask to see them.  

Spare bulbs and fuses are in the driving in France requirements as it's the law in France and most other European countries. You don't need to get a replacement for each and every bulb and fuse but a standard spare bulb kit will cover 95% of all you'll ever likely to need. As long as you have them to show the police you will be fine. Talking of fines it's 80 -135 euros if you don't have them.

Anyway I hope you have time to browse through the website, and please enjoy your trip to France. Fore More info Click Here

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