Driving In France

Towing a Caravan in France

It is estimated that 40% of people who tow a caravan on the road for the first time have had absolutely no training whatsoever which is a scary statistic. It is advisable before hitching up a caravan and heading for the South of France that you get some practise in with a shorter trip and a few attempts at loading the caravan and getting the “nose weight” correct.

If you are considering buying a new vehicle or hiring one with towing in mind I would normally suggest a Diesel. They have more torque which is a great help when pulling a caravan or boat. Usually with towing the most difficult part is getting it moving from a standstill. Especially when driving on grass or worse a muddy field. So low end torque is far more useful than top speed.

Towing anything with certainly reduce your MPG so a diesel is a big advantage. Also in France diesel is considerably cheaper than petrol is unlike the UK where unleaded is the cheaper option.

 Caravan Holidays in France

In times of economic recession caravan holidays are known to have a big surge as people see it as a way of still having a family holiday without the expense of hotels or B&B accommodation.

For that reason as much as anything else the number of caravan holidays being taken in France this year seems to be sharply on the increase.

Items Needed

Warning Triangle
Hi Vis Vests, one for each person in the vehicle
Spare Bulbs and fuses kit
Headlamp Converters
Breathalysers (2 disposable ones)
GB sticker x 2, (for the vehicle and the caravan)

You can get all of the above in our "All in One Travel Kit"

First Aid Kit (optional not a legal requirement)
Spare PartsCycle Rack
Check your tyres carefully
Spare set of keys for the car
Phone mumber of Insurance Company
Tools in case of breakdwon
Car Breakdown Companies EU phone number
Towing rope, in case of getting stuck
Fit the towing mirrors to your car
Cover for your tow bar

Caravan Gas cylinders, and spanner to change them
Adaptor Plug to connect to the electricity (and extension cable)
Water Bucket
Waste Container
Spare ropes, elastic straps etc
Levelling aid or spirit
Levelling blocks
Spare wheel and tyre for caravan
Chemical fluid
Caravan door keys
Barbecue if allowed on caravan site
Fire extinguisher 

Some of the best Caravan parks in Europe can be found in France

Suggested Sites are to be located at;

St Raphaël
Argelès-sur-Mer : Pyrénées-Orientales
Fréjus : Var
Les Mathes La Palmyre : Charente-Maritime
Saint Jean de Monts : Vendée
Sarlat : Dordogne
Concarneau : Finistère