Driving In France

Breathalyzer Tester Kit

Very soon yet another new driving law comes into place in France. They do love their driving laws, but to be honest they keep us in business!

This new one starts on the 1st July 2012 and states that from then on all drivers of cars, vans, trucks, coaches etc MUST carry an unused breathalyser testing kit in their vehicle. Though there is specific mention of Mopeds being excluded from the new law it does not stipulate motorcycles. So we are not sure if motor bike riders need to have them.

The breathalyser kit must meet the EU standards and not be passed it's "Use By" date. They do go out of date due to the chemcials inside that do the test.

Without boring you with the science when you blow into it the ethanol in your breath (if there is any) is oxidized and the rate of this change indicates how much alcohol is in your system.

Remember the French drink drive laws are much tougher than ours as it's only 0.5% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) rather than 0.8% BAC as it is in the UK.