Driving In France

What do I need to drive in France?


Top tips for driving in France. So what do you need to drive in France? Hopefully this will help.

 Well first things first you just need a bit of common sense and maturity. Most people who have an accident on the roads in France have it within the first 2 hours of getting off the ferry. As long as you take it easy initially, till you get used to driving on “the wrong side of the road” you will be perfectly OK.

 So Here Are Some Of My Top Tips.

1. If driving in France for the first time I’d suggest trying to ensure that your ferry or tunnel crossing time means that you arrive during the daylight hours. Night time driving is always more difficult even in the UK so get used to the roads if possible before attempting it in France.


2. Make sure you have all the items you legally require so as to avoid an on the spot fine from the police. (See here for full kit details)


3. Take your Insurance documents with you as well as a contact phone number for your insurer that you can ring if you are involved in an accident while on the continent.


4. Have some sort of European Breakdown cover.


5. Research the main route you intend to use and if it does involve a high number of toll roads then I would look at getting a pre-paid Toll Charge card set up before going.


6. If you intend to use your UK Sat Nav device then make sure the maps are up to date and you do not fall foul of the rules on having “radar detection devices”. Personally I use a Tom Tom Live. (Which is quite expensive, but the live updates are an absolute godsend).


7. Have an old fashioned atlas style road map with you just in case your Sat Nav lets you down.


8. On French roads they now have the new style “invisible” mobile speed cameras. They use them in un-marked police patrol cars on most of the big motorways so make sure you stay under 140 Km/h.


9. They have stiffer fines for using a mobile phone whilst driving in France. 130 Euros a pop, so if your phone call isn’t worth in excess of £100 to you don’t make it!


10. You tell me. If you have any tips please email me admin@drivinginfrance.org and I’ll gladly use them and give you the credit for it.