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Does your car have a spare wheel? Hundreds of drivers left stranded at the roadside.

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Does your car have a spare wheel?

October 22, 2012 at 2:07 PM

Drivers are finding themselves in an awful mess when they get a puncture while driving through France. The reason may shock you. It’s because it is only when they try and fit the spare tyre that they find out that their brand new car doesn’t actually have a spare tyre!

More and more car makers are trying to reduce costs and one of the things they are doing more and more these days is NOT supplying their latest models with a spare wheel.

More and more manufacturers are just issuing a puncture repair kit, which uses sealant to repair a puncture. These prove often to just not be up to the job.

Green Flag has reported a big increase in the amount of stranded families with no spare tyre. Also the RAC dealt with 80,000 such cases in the last twelve months alone.

Even if you do manage to use the sealant kits provided tyre fitters often refuse to repair tyres afterwards as it's expensive and time-consuming to remove the sealant used.

The idea behind the repair sealants is claimed by manufacturers to be more to do with making cars as light as possible to improve performance and save fuel rather than just to save money.

I advise you to ask when you next buy a car if it comes with a spare wheel, it should no longer be assumed that it does.

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