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Driving in France Breathalysers Read this before buying a driving in France breathalyser kit.

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Driving in France Breathalysers

April 25, 2012 at 4:56 PM

From July 1st 2012 it will be part of the ever expanding French driving laws that you carry in every vehicle on French roads (and even motorbike riders will have to have them) an un-used driving in France breathalyser kit. Not just any old kit will do it has to be a NF approved one. NF is the National France kite mark similar to ours. It must be NF approved though as taking a UK standard one will not do, even though the quality of ours may well be better.

The French government initially wanted this to come into force in March 2012 however as there are currently on two relatively small manufacturers that make these they just could not possibly supply the demand that was created by this new rule.

It turns out that even though they have taken the step of putting back the date until July the companies are still experiencing unprecedented demand and cannot cope. How could the French government have possibly foreseen this problem as it must be news to them that there are over 30 million cars on the road in France? I mean who knew?

Anyway due to the total fiasco the French Police have had to agree that although the law will still come in on 1st July 2012 they will not start issuing fines for non-compliance until November 1st 2012.

The problem that we have in the UK is that if the French drivers cannot get them and they are manufactured in France (as they have to be) how on earth we in the UK are supposed to get them?

This website as you may know does sell all the items you need to drive legally in France and has a twin pack of NF approved breathalysers listed on the product page however since we first put them on sale about 8 weeks ago they have been out of stock more than they have been in stock!

We have had terrible trouble trying to source these and bearing in mind that we are probably the biggest suppliers of Driving in France items on the Internet. We have literally been held to ransom on the price of these breathalysers and though I will not name names the tactics these companies are using is nothing short of disgraceful.

Here at drivinginfrance.org we pride ourselves on having absolutely top quality products and they are all sent out via overnight courier for next day delivery or by Royal Mail 1st class post (depending on size of order). We pride ourselves on the fact that we are so confident in our products and service that we have the most comprehensive “Money Back Guarantee”.

However on the issue of breathalysers for driving in France we are being stopped from providing our usual great service by profiteers.

At the time of writing this news story I can tell you that we are charging literally twice the price that we should be for these but we have absolutely no option. We are being charged literally 4 times the true price to buy these items. We have resorted to selling them at cost to at least try our best for our loyal customers, many of whom come back year after year to buy things like Headlamp Converters from us.

We are sure that very shortly when supply and demand equal out that the price of these breathalysers will rapidly reduce and you will be able to buy them from us and elsewhere at the right price.

In the meantime I would actually suggest that you DO NOT buy them because the law does not come into effect until July and even then you will not get fined. It is only if you are planning to drive in France from November 2012 onwards that you will need them but that gives you six months and I am confident that by then they will have reduced in price.

The fine for not having them will be around 10-15 euros when it finally comes into force.

Check out our NEWS section regularly as I will almost certainly be posting on the issue of driving in France breathalysers as it develops.

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