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How Long to Change a Tyre If you are unlucky enough to have a puncture whilst driving how long will it take to change the wheel? 23 mins or 2.3 seconds?

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How Long to Change a Tyre

July 23, 2012 at 4:22 PM


So you have a puncture while driving through France. The spare is in the floor panel in the boot of your people carrier and the boot is fully loaded with tons of luggage and the car is full of kids, the wife and worse the in-laws.

How long does it take to change the wheel? How many arguments will it cause? Can your marriage survive?

Well give some thought to the absolute brilliance of the “McLaren Pit Crew” of Jenson Button. They changed not one but all four tyres on his car in a world record time of 2.3 seconds.

For most of us we’d be thrilled if we could change one wheel in 23 minutes!

Jenson said "There's previously been some negative talk about our pit stops, the boys did an unbelievable job today,"

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said that the fast pit stop was a big factor in the result enabling him to get ahead of the Red Bull of Vettel.

Tips for Tyres.

Check the tread and wear especially on the inner edges you don’t normally see. Turn the front wheel full lock and check the inside edge carefully. Some cars, for example Jaguar x-Types, wear down the inner edge tread due to the way the tyres sit on the road.

The biggest tip is checking the spare tyre before you go to France. It’s no good finding out at the roadside that the spare is flat. Make sure you have the tyre pressures as they should be and allow for the added load and check the pressure in the spare as well.

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