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Road Rage, Not Me! A recent survey showed shows some unsurprising results.

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Road Rage, Not Me!

July 06, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Road Rage? Not me it's everybody else!


A recent survey carried out by the car insurance company ingenie.com showed that 85% of all drivers surveyed (just under 4,000 took part in the survey) feet that they are not "road ragers" themselves but when questioned further 85% of those same drivers admitted doing things that are in fact indicative of the fact that they have road rage tendencies.

Over 66% of the drivers questioned said they had been a victim of road rage within the last year. past 12 months.

Dr Lisa Dorn, leading Traffic Psychologist and Reader in Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University, said: “Road rage is not new, but it is a growing problem. It has been defined as anti-social and angry behaviour exhibited when driving, often due to stress, poor attitudes and personality factors. If road rage strikes it’s important not to forget how it can affect your driving – and therefore the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users.”

Ingenie offers some tips for reducing road rage, a lot of which is common sense such as not getting behind the wheel when you are upset or angry. Planning journeys, allowing for traffic problems so you don't run behind schedule and therefore getting worked up. Keep your distance from drivers who you can tell are driving badly and avoid eye contact with them.

Hold up your whole hand (not just one finger) as an acknowledgement of your mistake and an apology as it can diffuse the situation. 

Ingenie are a "young driver" specialist car insurer, who fits a "black box" type device to young drivers cars allowing them to track there driving style. This then allows young people who drive well and safely not to get lumped in together with all the other "boy racers" who get them a bad name and more importantly insurance premiums that are astronomical.

I would stress that drivinginFrance.org has absolutley no connection with Ingenie Services Ltd.


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