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UK Petrol Prices Show Biggest Percentage Increase in Europe Once again the UK motorist is suffering.

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UK Petrol Prices Show Biggest Percentage Increase in Europe

June 15, 2012 at 3:40 PM

According to "the sun" newspaper (so it must be true) drivers in the UK have had bigger price rises on petrol than any other European country. Though as the chart below shows we don’t have the most expensive petrol.


It is annoying for us as for a long time we at drivinginfrance.org have moaned about the fact that when the price of crude oil drops that saving never seems to be passed onto us. In recent times the price of oil has dropped by a quarter and yet we have only had a 2 per cent drop in the price of petrol.

From 2007 the price of petrol has increased by 39 per cent a staggering amount if you think about it. We are now paying over £6 per gallon.

All European motorists have had to suffer wholesale fuel price rises, but here the tax hikes have been excessive.

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