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Traffic Wardens Very Welcome That's not a headline I thought I'd ever be writing!

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Traffic Wardens Very Welcome

June 01, 2012 at 1:22 PM

The town that scrapped traffic wardens welcomes them back with open arms after enduring car parking chaos for twelve months. People around the UK wished they lived there when they first heard wardens were being scrapped a year ago. The townsfolk were the envy of drivers everywhere.

About a year ago Aberystwyth made all their traffic wardens redundant meaning that drivers could just park wherever they wanted.

However after only twelve months of people being able to park exactly where they like the locals have welcomed the traffic wardens back with open arms.

Throughout the twelve month period when they had no wardens the town descended into chaos with brainless idiots parking in the most ridiculous and dangerous places.

The congestion in the town centre was so bad it nearly ground to a halt on a regular basis. It also caused major problems for the disabled as other selfish drivers would regularly park in their spaces.

The wardens make a return from this Monday (bank holiday) 

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