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Scottish Drink Drive Limit to Equal That of France Blood Alcohol Levels Reduced to Pass a breath test.

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Scottish Drink Drive Limit to Equal That of France

May 28, 2012 at 3:30 PM

Scotland is leading the way in the battle against booze it seems. Following on from the minimum pricing policy for a unit of alcohol they are now set to reduce the amount of alcohol needed in the blood to fail a drink driving test.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has announced plans to reduce the limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.

They are looking to do this ASAP. He said “"The Scottish government has long called for a reduction in the drink-driving limit to 50mg”.

There is strong evidence from France and other European countries that this will reduce the number of drink driving deaths on the roads in Scotland.

The Campaign against Drinking and Driving has welcomed the news, as does the Scottish Conservative party. This is good news as it may help get this introduced in England and Wales also.

The Republic of Ireland has already reduced the alcohol limits a year ago and Northern Ireland may introduce these changes also.

The major Euro countries like France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain already have lower levels than England and Wales. In France it will soon be law that every driver of a motor vehicle will have to carry an unused “One Use Disposable” Breathalyser Testing Kit with them whilst driving.

This law will officially start in July but fines will not be issued for not having one until November.

It would be easier for the level to zero as people are never entirely sure what they can drink and still be legal. In our opinion you should never drink even 1 drink if you are planning to drive.

For breathalysers and all other items you legally require to carry while driving through mainland Europe visit our product page here.

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