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No to Speed Limit Rise The UK Government has been considering lifting the Motorway speed limit to 80mph but a report concludes that it wouldn’t be safe to do so.

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No to Speed Limit Rise

May 14, 2012 at 4:56 PM

The UK Government has been considering lifting the Motorway speed limit to 80mph but the report concludes that it wouldn't be safe to do so.

They don’t give sufficient protection to motorists said the “Road Safety Foundation” (RSF). central barriers and run off areas are simply not good enough and the road surface in many areas of the motorway network are not safe for these speeds.

It also it would greatly heighten the risk of rear end shunts due to the sheer volume of motorway traffic.

The RSF also stated they saw problems of people standing or walking on the hard shoulder. In the UK you do not (Unlike France) have to wear a Hi Viz vest or jacket when on the hard shoulder and this is something that should be considered to improve safety. Also when driving in France if you breakdown or have an accident you have to put a Warning Triangle behind your vehicle to warn other road users, but this is not a UK requirement either.

Also it notes that unlike France the speed limits are not reduced in bad weather like they are in France. When driving in France the speed limits automatically drop by 20kph when it’s raining.

The report also talks about higher fuel consumption costs and long delays when high speed crashes occur blocking one or more lanes on the carriageway and causing “Rubber Necks” to slow down who are driving in the opposite direction.

Even though the vast majority of the public think it would be a good thing I personally don’t. People who want to drive at 80mph will do even now as soon as the traffic allows so if you raised it to a legal limit of 80mph then they would just do 90mph.

If road conditions are perfect and traffic at a minimum then I agree that it is perfectly  safe to drive a well maintained modern car at 80mph but I don’t see the extra fuels consumption and danger caused by idiots to make it a risk worth taking.

The way prize idiots’ drive along tailgating the vehicle in front means that it is not even safe at 60mph never mind 80mph.

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