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New Average Speed Cameras Being Used in France French police start using average speed detection cameras from today.

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New Average Speed Cameras Being Used in France

June 22, 2012 at 5:08 PM


Although common in the UK on stretches of roadwork’s on the motorway system and also used extensively in some other European countries the French police are starting to use them from today onwards for the first time.

For the time being the cameras are being tested but fines will start from August onwards, which is peak time for UK holiday makers in France.

They will not be used on stretches of roads that are undergoing repair but installed on stretches of road on a permanent basis to catch offending motorists. We are not sure how this will affect UK drivers as unlike an on the spot fine it will not be administered and the money collected at the roadside the fines will be sent out.

Possibly if it’s a foreign registered car the French Authorities may not bother trying to collect payment.

The following article appeared on “The Connexion” which is an English Language French Newspaper.


The full article reads as follows:

SPEED cameras that measure average speed over several kilometres are being installed from today.

Unlike traditional cameras, that “flash” motorists who are speeding, the so-called radars-tronçon monitor average speed and then take a photo of offending vehicles, using infra-red technology. Stretches concerned will be preceded by informational signs flashing up your speed.

The technology has already been used in countries including the UK, Germany and Holland, and is being installed for the first time today in a tunnel on the RN57 which goes around Besançon in the Doubs.

Another will be put in place next week in the Loire-Atlantique on the Pont de Saint-Nazaire, and another in July on the RN21 at Pujols (Lot-et-Garonne).

Fines will be incurred from August, after a short test period and about 40 more will be installed before the end of the year. Spots chosen will be those where high speed is especially likely to cause accidents, said a spokesman for the national road safety authorities.

These might include places where the road narrows, or tunnels and bridges or where there are a lot of bends.

The aim is partly to slow down motorists who brake for a traditional camera and then speed up again.

The move has been mostly welcomed by road safety organizations. Drivers’ lobbies said it was acceptable as long as the cameras were only used on small dangerous sections of road and not over “30-40km”.

End of Article.


For most British Drivers on Holiday in France this shouldn't be a problem as for many a drive through the French countryside is done at a steady pace. People there on business though and delivery drivers will need to be careful though.

You can read the full article here: http://www.connexionfrance.com/Cameras-average-speed-troncons-13865-view-article.html

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