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M25 Roadworks Completed in time for the Olympics. The Highways agency have announced that road widening schemes on the M25 have been completed.

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M25 Roadworks Completed in time for the Olympics.

June 21, 2012 at 1:38 PM


Almost forty miles of extra capacity has been created as a consequence of road works that have been completed prior to the 2012 London Olympic.

The Highways Agency says that 2 huge road widening projects have been ccompleted in time to allow drivers to benefit from faster journey times.

Our advice is stay at home to be honest, if you think you will be able to drive anywhere near London during the games then you are deluded, it will be total traffic chaos.

Yes the extra 4th lane on these stretches of Motorway will help but to be honest it still never going to be enough.

The Highways Agency is urging people to “plan journeys carefully” before setting off while the games are on. Plan carefully means “don’t even think about driving in or around London unless you do it at 3.00am or on a motorbike!

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