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Great News on Fuel Prices in France Pump prices of diesel and unleaded petrol are at their lowest since early January.

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Great News on Fuel Prices in France

May 30, 2012 at 11:53 AM

The pump price of diesel and unleaded petrol are at their lowest level since early January.
In one week, the price of diesel fell 1.4 cents per litre, while that of unleaded petrol dropped 1 cent.

The drop, in fuel prices, began in early May and is now at a five month low. In France it has been noted that the average price of diesel is 1.395 euro per litre. Diesel accounts for over 80% of sales in France, far outstripping petrol sales.

The price of unleaded also reached its lowest level this year.

This drop in pump price reflects the fall in the price of crude oil since late March. Of course oil prices have been volatile lately due to uncertainties in the Eurozone and tensions in Iran.

On a positive note though Wednesday saw oil prices close below $ 90 a barrell in New York, for the first time since October 2011. 

This decline is not fully reflected in Europe though because the Euro has declined in value at the same time.

What about the UK

The Government is considering taking steps to force the UK petrol firms to pass on the benefits of the lowering of the price of a barrel of oil to motorists.

For years we have all known that when the price of crude goes up so does the pump price often within hours but when the price of crude drops it’s a different story.

Often weeks and weeks pass by before the price of petrol at our local garages drops at all.

Justine Greening (Transport Secretary) has asked petrol firms to create their own code of practice so we the public can properly check the price of petrol or diesel on a daily basis.

The AA and other motoring organisations have been campaigning for this for years. 

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