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Drunk Driver Tries to Flee to France. After causing death by careless driving a man tries to escape justice by taking the ferry to France via Folkestone.

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Drunk Driver Tries to Flee to France.

May 18, 2012 at 2:44 AM

Drunk driving Gurim Pajova, has been sent to jail for causing the death of the baby of his girlfriend Sarah Miles (he was not the father of the child)

When originally being arrested and bailed he tried to escape the country to France. He was caught at Folkestone trying to board the ferry to France on a coach.

The case is unique as the baby hadn’t even been born at the time of the crash which happened in Covenham St Bartholomew. (Lincolnshire)

The crash meant that the seat belt his pregnant girlfriend was wearing caused severe abdominal injuries. This made her go into labour approximately three weeks after the crash even though she was only six months into the pregnancy.

Mr Pajova is a 24 year old Kosovan refugee and was driving the car with no insurance or driving licence. The only slight positive is that at least he didn’t crash into another innocent motorist coming in the other direction.

The baby girl (Nicole) was born but very sadly the doctors couldn't save the baby and she died inside half an hour.

Most of us have no idea how anyone could live with themselves after being responsible for the death of a new born child like that. It’s such a tragic loss.

Pajova who has previous convictions for drunk driving and having no insurance was convicted of “causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink”, he was approximately three times over the limit, and has been sent to prison for 6 years.

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