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Drug Driving Laws

May 09, 2012 at 12:37 PM

In today’s Queens speech the UK government has given notice that it intends to start prosecuting people who have drugs in their system.

In the UK drink driving has long been frowned upon but there are so many people driving under the influence of cannabis and this has not been so socially unacceptable.

Previously the police had to show that driving ability had been reduced by drugs before they could get a conviction, but now it will automatically be against the law to drive with excess amounts of drugs in your system.

This means the police will easily be able to prosecute for this offence.

Testing equipment (similar to breathalysers) will enable simple roadside tests to be carried out by police and the Home Office are running tests on these now and hope to have them available to Britain’s police forces by the end of 2012.

Drug-Driving Laws in France

UK drivers have long since run the risk of having a roadside saliva drug test if stopped by the police in France as they have a zero tolerance of this offence. They have been doing this since 2003.

French police test for drugs after an accident as a matter of course, and even if you are stopped for speeding or even just not wearing your cars seat belt.

In most European countries police carry out saliva tests for the most common types of drug such as cocaine and cannabis.

From July 2012 France is bringing in new laws that mean all drivers will have to carry self testing breathalyzer kits.

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