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Breathalyser Testing Kits, supply and demand issues We here have literally thousands of satisfied customers but these damn breathalysers are giving us headaches.

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Breathalyser Testing Kits, supply and demand issues

May 18, 2012 at 4:01 PM

I contribute to one or two motoring forums, I will not say what car I drive but I have been a member of the forum for the marque for many years. With my wealth of knowledge I do occasionally post on there and answer questions regarding driving abroad if asked.

I've read some critisism recently, not of me personally or even this website but I was slightly hurt to read a less than complimentary apparaisal of suppliers of the sort of "driving in France" equipment that we sell here.

I will not repeat the full rant but the bit that annoyed me was the comment "grossly inflated and opportunistic prices".

That hurts because we charge what we consider to be a fair price for excellent quality merchandise on here. We are the #1 supplier of Driving in France Equipment and have been the market leader for several years now.

Why is the Price of these Breathalysers so High?

We and all other UK providers have had an almost impossible task of getting hold of these. They MUST be the "NF approved" ones to be road legal in France and there are only 2 small firms in France that actually make them.

Apart from the 30 million plus French drivers that need to buy them, the demand from UK companies like us trying to buy them is so high that the supply can not possibly keep up.

Therefore UK suppliers are being held to ransom over prices and can only re-sell them based on the wholesale price we are being charged.

Our distribution warehouse is supposed to get a delivery of these breathalyser kits every week but time and time again we are not receiving our orders.

Every time I speak to the supplier the answer is the same, "if you are prepared to pay a priority order premium we will be able to get your order to you". I don't know why they just don't say it in plain English as what they are really saying is "If you pay us a sweetener you can have some otherwise you are not getting any".

The price of breathalyser kits is very high at the moment but they will come down in about 2 or 3 months time as I wrote at length about not too long ago. Read article here

As soon as supply and demand equalise out the price will fall, in the meantime my advice is the same as its always been. Do not buy them yet, it is not law till July 1st and the French police will not start issuing fines for non-compliance until November 2012.

Even then the fine is only 11 Euros, and there have been people in the UK selling them for as much as £15 - £20 in my opinion you may as well pay the fine!

What annoys me most is the fly by nights who are making money out of these will be no where to be seen once the supply is constant and the price comes down.

At that point only the best suppliers like us here at DrivinginFrance.org will be selling breathalyser kits along with all the items as we always do.

I have been promised we will be getting a delivery on Tuesday 22nd May but I shall wait and see!

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