Driving In France

Visibility Vest

These Hi Visibility Vests (Hi Viz) are for your safety when standing outside your vehicle on the hard shoulder or any main carriageway. Common sense says they should be law in the UK to have in your vehicle but they are not. However these are a legal requirement in France, Spain Germany etc.

So if you are going to be driving in Europe you must have one in the car for at the very least the driver, though technically anyone stood on the hard shoulder in France should be wearing one.

The Hi viz vest has been tested and found to conform to the EN471 standards for the safety wear.
The Hi viz safety vest is also CE approved for use by motorists in all conditions including fog, mist, daytime and nighttime which means that any motorist will always be ready.

Do not make the mistake of just hiding these away in the boot of your car. They must be inside the car with you.