Driving In France

Full European Car Travel Kit

One stop shop. Get all the items you need quickly and simply. This is an “all in one” driving kit for driving throughout Europe. If you are in a hurry this is a godsend, don't waste time or money ordering the items separately just buy this and it's job done!

The Kit Contains

Twin Pack of Breathalysers
An EU Approved Warning Triangle
A Pair of Headlight Beam Converters
Spare Bulb and Fuses Kit
The Bulb Kit contains brake lights, indicator bulbs etc, and also 3 different
types of headlight bulb
Adult Size High Visibility Vest
GB Sticker

Special Price £ 32.95

European Travel Kit

I have carried out extensive research on this European Travel Kit and have posted my findings here. Personally I travel to France on a regular basis and have built up my own "kit" over the years. However if you are looking to drive in France and you don't know exactly what you need, and why, then this kit offers a great "one stop shop".

This review covers;

What is contained within the kit. Full specifications.

Comments/reviews from people who have actually bought and used it.


European Travel Kit, What It Contains

OK so it comes to you in one parcel and will easily store away in the car (or van) without any problem.

A universal pair of Headlamp Beam Converters. These will fit any UK Make and Model of car or van from 1980 onwards and most of the ones before that date. These are suitable for standard halogen headlights and also the new style Xenon ones also. Full fitting instructions are supplied with them.

A universal Spare Bulb & Fuse Kit, our kit contains 3 different headlight bulbs. It has a H1 (448), H4 (472), and a H7 (499), plus brake light, indicator, side light and rear light bulb and a selection of spare fuses. It is illegal to drive in France without these even if all your lights are in perfect working order.

Hazard Warning Triangle - I really hope you will not need this but in the event of a breakdown or accident then this will prove invaluable. It's easy to put up and is very reflective, conforming to European Standard ECE R27.

Also within the European Travel Kit is a Hi Visibility Vest for the driver to wear (Ex-large fits all) in the event of getting out of the car on the hard shoulder etc. Do not stow these in the boot they must be in the car with you to be legal.

GB Plate which is a stick on version, so don't worry about it blowing off with the wind or having it stolen off your car which is what often happens with the magnetic ones.

Breathalysers, you must have 2 in the vehicle at all times.

European Travel Kit, Customer Reviews and Comments.

One customer comment was "What I liked was that it all comes together so much easier that buying separately".

Another said "so much cheaper than the same thing at Halfords, really pleased"

So all in all I think this is a very good product for the first time traveller to France as it gives you all you legally require without the hassle of shopping around to by all the items separately.

 European Travel Kit don't drive in Europe without it!